Advance review

I am so excited that Karen has written this book! It really resonates and strikes me as something that would appeal to academics at all stages of their careers who are searching for something more than what they've seen as the available options. Karen's is a much-needed voice in the academy, helping individuals to trust themselves rather than outside structures and "experts" alone. Her approach begins by challenging dominant ways of thinking about the PhD job search and career options. I love the idea of "careering" as a dynamic process, not an outcome. But Karen doesn't stop with the big ideas, as transformative as they are: she also provides a unique combination of practical strategies. My husband and I know first hand from working with her that the combination works wonders, inside and out.
--Deborah Valentine, Childhood Studies PhD

Coming Soon!

In the 1970s most professors were in the tenure system, expecting to be employed for life. Today, graduate students and the faculty majority face an uncertain future. And given increased pressures on higher education, even tenure system faculty may wonder, How can I better manage my life as an academic? or What else is out there for me? For the many academics at a crossroads, here comes the first comprehensive guide to support your career exploration within and across Ac, Alt-Ac, and Out-Ac sectors. Careering Toward Authenticity encourages you to claim your inherent authority and write your own life through authentic and brave career development (ABCD), the most fitting process for an era of rapid and unpredictable change. There has never been a better time to rely on your own intuition and to think outside the box. In ABCD, you will never have to choose "a" career or decide whether To Ac or Not to Ac? You need only take your best NEXT step with integrity. A series of such steps leads to meaningful work in a fulfilling life, in academe or beyond. Stay tuned for updates on the book's release in 2016-17!